Prague Stones

The very best gift for special occasions

Prague's Stones - made with love
Prague's Stones - big excitement with a very special decoration
Prague's Stones - decorated with real gold

Markus BREIER is german "maître pâtissier", who established his business " Patissier and more..." here in Prague.
After his long research in Prague's sweet specialities, Markus made a decision to make his own recipe.
That was the moment when Markus came with his magic Prague's Stone.

Magic recipe is of course Markus's best kept secret.
Main ingredients is his special biscuit soaked in alcohol and finished with thin coat of chocolate.
The rest of the recipe is secret.
But it's not secret that he uses the best possible ingredients.
Prague's Stone sizes:

Package 10 x 10 cm :
package or box  a 1 pcs.

If a different size is required contact us.

Prague's Stones
are freshly made after your order.They have limited expiration and they should be kept in a cold and dry place.

To place the order can be done in printed form or over the phone.
The order can be delivered or can be pick-up in person.
Worldwide delivery is possible upon request